Rustar dhow cruise

15 Facts about a Premium Dhow Cruise


In Dubai, colorful and brightly lit wooden boats gracefully glide across the calm waters at night. This captivating attraction is a living reminder of the city’s past which was centered on the fishing, pearl diving, and shipping industries. These traditional boats are called Dhows, and now serve a more recreational rather than commercial purposes.  A […]

Working while Cruising on a Yacht


Rent a yacht in Dubai, and take the work out of the confines of the four walls of the office. Conference rooms at work can get very restricting and boring over time. Go ahead and take your clients, reward your employees, or hold important meetings on board a yacht charter to add a twist to […]

ladies night yacht

Ladies Nights on a Yacht


Ladies are quite privileged and valued in Dubai. They get an exclusive seating area in the Metro trains, buses, and other public transportation facilities. They have a day dedicated solely for them at the beaches and parks. Aside from free entrance to the city’s bustling bars and clubs, they also get a night where they […]


Chill out on a catamaran


Parties in city bars and hotel ballrooms could get repetitive too fast. If you’re looking for a unique party place for you and your guests, look no further than having it on board a stylish catamaran. This sleek sailboat offers fun and excitement unlike any other. A catamaran cruise in Dubai gives you limitless party […]


Geography of the United Arab Emirates


Sitting at the crossroads of the East and the West, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become an expanding melting pot of cultures from around the world. People from America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania find this country within easy reach both for their business and leisure endeavors. The UAE is situated in the Arabian Peninsula […]

Arabian Travel Market 2014

ATM Promotes Dubai as Top Destination


There is no doubt that Dubai is a vibrant summer holiday city, and this is due to the remarkable efforts poured into further strengthening its tourism industry. From marketing and promotions to world-class infrastructure, Dubai is definitely focused on its bid to become the most visited city in the world. The Arabian Travel Market (ATM) in […]

Yacht charter Dubai

A memorable party on a yacht


New ideas always add delight to parties. Invite your dearest friends and family for a truly enjoyable and unique party out in the sea. Gatherings in restaurants, bars, or hotels can get repetitive, so why not make it different this time around by taking your guests out to sea instead. Whether you are having a […]

Romance on a Dhow Cruise with your love one

Romance on a Dhow Cruise


Dubai is renowned as a premier wedding tourism destination with a high number of honeymooners and long-time lovers coming here to spend some romantic days and nights together. Whether you are newlyweds or old couples, the myriad offerings in Dubai will give you the best romantic time you could ever have in your life. Dubai […]

Dubai Ferry Low

Ferry and tram redefine traveling experience in Dubai


Commuting around Dubai has become a cakewalk and also exciting with the introduction of the ferry line and tram system. In addition to the remarkable Metro and bus services, these facilities take tourists and residents to areas in Dubai that were previously accessible only via taxi or private vehicles. This will give everyone more opportunities […]

yacht charter Dubai

Things to know about a party on a yacht


The cool breeze in November tells us that the holiday season is fast approaching. Don’t be caught in the mad last-minute rush. Make your plans now, and have a unique holiday party with a grand yacht charter, Dubai. A party cruise is guaranteed to amaze your guest and give you endless holiday fun while sailing […]