Romance on a Dhow Cruise


Dubai is renowned as a premier wedding tourism destination with a high number of honeymooners and long-time lovers coming here to spend some romantic days and nights together. Whether you are newlyweds or old couples, the myriad offerings in Dubai will give you the best romantic time you could ever have in your life.

Dubai has yacht charters that offer sunset cruises for a dreamy ride into the Persian Gulf amidst the fascinating hues of oranges and reds painting the horizon. There are also enchanting desert safaris that take you and your loved one to a unique adventure in the charming deserts where you can ride camels across the dunes, and dine in Bedouin-style under the starlit desert sky.

If your idea of romance is a trip down memory lane, then a sentimental Dhow cruise can take you sailing along the scenic districts of Dubai on a bright moonlit night. The enticing sights, the lively night, and the perfect place will give you some precious moments to spend in each other’s company.

A Dhow offers premium services, entertainment, and sightseeing, which are superior to even the most expensive restaurants in the city. It is a traditional Arabic sailing boat made of wood. In the old days, it was used by fishermen, pearl divers, and seafarers to sail the abundant waters of the gulf. Today, the charming Dhows are generally used for leisure purposes.

A Dhow cruise dinner takes couples back in time with its quaint yet sophisticated interiors. It cruises down Dubai Creek, a treasured heritage site of the emirate, or Dubai Marina, the vibrant cosmopolitan neighborhood in New Dubai.

The bright lights and striking colors decorating the Dhow lend to its captivating vibe. On board, lovebirds will get the most sumptuous dinner buffet of Continental, Arabic, and Asian dishes while soothing music wafts all around the decks to set the romantic ambiance.

Entertainment that ranges from exciting magic and puppet shows to mesmerizing Tanoura dances make the evening even more memorable for both of you.

On a Dhow cruise, it will truly be one romantic night to remember.