Chill out on a catamaran


Parties in city bars and hotel ballrooms could get repetitive too fast. If you’re looking for a unique party place for you and your guests, look no further than having it on board a stylish catamaran.

This sleek sailboat offers fun and excitement unlike any other. A catamaran cruise in Dubai gives you limitless party fun with its wide spaces and steady sailing. Its open-air design provides a 360-degree view of the sea around you, the cool breeze, the warm sun, and the invigorating splash of the waters. Here are more reasons for you to party on a “cat.”

Simply spacious: Floor spaces in catamarans are larger than most yachts. Charter companies usually have catamarans that can take up to 50 passengers on a single cruise. You can invite your family, your friends, even your colleagues and still not worry about overcrowding. The foredeck is perfect for sunbathing, and the billowing sails add a cool touch to your party photographs.

Surprisingly steady: Catamarans have two hulls and are surprisingly steady and secure when sailing. No need to worry about accidents and seasickness on board as cats give the smoothest ride ever. Your guests can dance the whole day or night without fear of tumbling over whenever a wave comes.

Anchor anywhere: The shallow drafts of a catamaran makes it easy to dock closer to shore or sail to places where most yachts cannot go. They can park near a sandy beach or anchor in shallow waters where your guests can go snorkeling and swimming.

Safe sailing: Apart from its multihull stability which minimizes dangers of capsizing, catamarans stay afloat if they do capsize. Its wood and foam construction keeps it afloat even if it has turned upside down. A well-built catamaran will sink only rarely. It also has twin engines and two hulls that keep it sailing should either one get busted.

A catamaran cruise Dubai is the safest yet most sensational party setting you can get. With fine weather and calm seas most of the year, you can sail away, dance, and leave your worries at the shore as you celebrate on board this groovy sailboat.