Dhow cruise Creek

Dhow Cruise Creek is an amazing way to sea Old Dubai

Dhow cruise Marina

Old and new Dubai on a Dhow Cruise

Dhow cruise Creek There is so much to see in the astonishing city, Dubai. From the historical and cultural sights to the new and progressive metropolitan wonders, the fervent traveler will have to pack as much sightseeing as possible into a tight itinerary. Though, there is one activity that lets you experience both sides of...
Rustar dhow cruise

15 Facts about a Premium Dhow Cruise

In Dubai, colorful and brightly lit wooden boats gracefully glide across the calm waters at night. This captivating attraction is a living reminder of the city’s past which was centered on the fishing, pearl diving, and shipping industries. These traditional boats are called Dhows, and now serve a more recreational rather than commercial purposes.  A...
Romance on a Dhow Cruise with your love one

Romance on a Dhow Cruise

Dubai is renowned as a premier wedding tourism destination with a high number of honeymooners and long-time lovers coming here to spend some romantic days and nights together. Whether you are newlyweds or old couples, the myriad offerings in Dubai will give you the best romantic time you could ever have in your life. Dubai...
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