Old and new Dubai on a Dhow Cruise

Dhow cruise Creek
Dhow cruise Creek

There is so much to see in the astonishing city, Dubai. From the historical and cultural sights to the new and progressive metropolitan wonders, the fervent traveler will have to pack as much sightseeing as possible into a tight itinerary. Though, there is one activity that lets you experience both sides of Dubai in one night – an enchanting Dhow cruise along Dubai Marina or Creek.

History and culture on a boat

The wooden Arabian Dhow is a living reminder of the glorious maritime heritage of the nation. Back then, the sea was the primary source of livelihood of the early inhabitants. Fishing and pearl diving were active industries in the 1940s, and these traditional vessels were actively plying the waters as fishing or trading boats.

These days, this picturesque sailing sensation has a more recreational purpose. They have been transformed into charming floating restaurants that treat tourists and residents alike to a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

 Brightly lit with colorful lights and decorations, the Dhows have undergone improvements with modern navigational equipment and more polished interiors. However, they still manage to retain that old-style charm and warmth which transport passengers back in time and make them wax nostalgic about the good old days.

City of the future at a glance Dubai Marina is one of the most awe-inspiring developments in Dubai. A city within a city, this human-made neighborhood is brimming with residential, leisure, and business offerings amidst a laid-back seaside atmosphere.

Lining the lagoon where the Dhow sails past is towering skyscrapers and sleek white yachts in the quays that are a far cry from the Dhow’s age-old roots. Its vibrant nightlife and a multicultural mix of residents out and about are truly indicative of a city of the future that Dubai has become.

On Dhow cruise Marina, you get to experience the old and the new facets of Dubai. As the charming Dhow glides down the calm waters, you can enjoy a sumptuous dinner buffet of Arabic, Asian, and Continental cuisine on board.

Also lined up is an entertaining mix of entertainment that includes a magic show, Belly Dance and Tanoura Dance shows and live singer. It is an exceptional experience that should not be missed in Dubai.

Old Dubai at a glance

The creek is poles apart from Marina, and hence, it is known as old Dubai. It has some of the oldest buildings in Dubai which say the significant history of the city. It was the main center of trade in the past. The creek is known for the museums, mosques, and souks. There are no skyscrapers, but the traditional touch of this area will steal your hearts.

Whether you want to cruise along Creek or Marina, the experience will be undoubtedly unique and fascinating. Choose the destination and sail on a beautiful Dhow.