Cruise Map

Cruise Route Map Dubai Marina Yacht Club

Party Cruise Dubai takes you on a breathtaking cruise along Dubai’s sparkling blue seas and passes by world-famous landmarks. Climb aboard one of our sleek modern yachts, and you are in for an unforgettable experience.

With your family and friends, hop aboard our yachts from the lively Dubai Marina Yacht Club, where thousands of sleek white yachts comfortably line the docks. As your yacht sails across the lagoon, you can feel the vibrant energy all around Dubai Marina where an eclectic mix of dining and entertainment options abound.

As your yacht leaves the towering skyscrapers and the groovy Dubai Marina Yacht Club behind, you sail past the beaches and other scenic waterfront developments. Once out to the sea, the Burj Al Arab stands to wait and to look all resplendent in its luxurious look and feel. Enjoy taking as much souvenir pictures as you can before your party on around the fantastic Palm Jumeirah Island.

Reaching the apex of the island, the charming hotel-resort Atlantis The Palm waves as if beckoning you to close. Its unique design radiates with the spirit of the mythical Lost City made even more beautiful by the addition of elegant Arabian touches. It’s another fantastic photo opportunity worth taking. On the other end of the island’s crescent stands Zabeel Saray and One & Only The Palm, equally lavish hotels with undeniably amazing and stunning exterior designs.

Cruising on your yacht back home, see the Jumeirah Beach Residences standing tall and proud welcoming you and your guests back into the Dubai Marina. At night, the stunning Dubai Marina Yacht Club comes to life, and brings with it an abundance of excitement and entertainment options should you want to do more partying on land.