Getting the best from Dhow cruise in Dubai


The attraction of Dubai for years has not only been the shopping malls, skyscrapers, and desert safaris. It is fast becoming one of the best destinations of relaxation for everyone. While some of the activities you can choose to do in this amazing location are all fun, have you ever thought of taking a Dhow […]

Find the perfect Dhow cruise in Dubai


A Dhow cruise in Dubai is synonymous with romance, mystery and uniqueness. If you feel like you’ve tried every cruise under the sun, but have not heard of a Dhow cruise in Dubai, you should definitely give it a try. Dhow dinner cruise in Dubai is gaining popularity day by day. People make it mandatory […]

Throw a splendid party on a Dhow cruise


Party is an occasion when you want to celebrate your heart out. Everyone wishes for an ideal location to give a memorable party to their guests. If you are in Dubai, there are plenty of wonderful ideas to try out. When you want the best entertainment experience without breaking the budget, then you need to […]

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Have a memorable night in a Dhow cruise


If you wish for a getaway after a long work week, look no further than a dinner cruise. A Dhow cruise in Dubai is the best way to spend the evening relaxing and unwinding from the stress. Spend quality time with your family or beloved. Your amazing dinner cruise will start with a warm welcome […]

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Celebrate your big day on a party cruise


It is time to plan a fantastic celebration. It could be a birthday, a marriage, or a wedding anniversary. Perhaps you have been promoted, graduated, or retired after years of working. Have a family reunion and reconnect with those that you’ve lost touch with. These are amazing reasons to book a party cruise in Dubai. […]

The Amazing Dhow Cruises of Dubai


If you have ever been to Dubai, you must have noticed its extravagant architecture and also the Creek that flows through its heart. The waterway and the region on its shore hold the eventful history of Dubai. Hire a Dhow and cruise across Creek to explore the past of the city. A Dhow is a […]

Savor the best dinner at floating restaurants in Dubai


Dubai has long been a popular tourist destination. Ranging from diverse shopping venues to intriguing historical sites, the city is home to a myriad of places of interest. With awe-inspiring modern structures, the destination is a paradise for eager sightseers. One of the ideal ways of sightseeing in the city is taking a Dhow cruise […]

Unwind yourselves on a traditional Dhow


Everyone needs a day away from work, stress, and daily routine. A break is essential to rejuvenate yourself and enjoy life to its fullest. Whenever you are making plans for a day out with your loved ones, consider sailing on a Dhow. It will be a great night full of fun, tasty food, and enticing […]

Celebrate every moment on a Dhow


If you are looking for an amazing way to spend the evening, consider a Dubai Marina Dhow cruise. Climb aboard this spectacular evening cruise and share an unforgettable moment with your loved one. A Dubai Marina cruise is an event you’ll be talking about for years and will want to experience more than once. Your […]

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Enjoy supreme moments in Dhow cruise


Finding your time to celebrate with friends, family, or spouse is the perfect way to enjoy some great moments in life. If you are looking for a venue to celebrate your happy moments, sail on a Dhow cruise. In a Dhow, there is a lot to enjoy; from international buffet dinners, music, entertainment, dancing, and […]