Celebrate every moment on a Dhow


If you are looking for an amazing way to spend the evening, consider a Dubai Marina Dhow cruise. Climb aboard this spectacular evening cruise and share an unforgettable moment with your loved one. A Dubai Marina cruise is an event you’ll be talking about for years and will want to experience more than once.

Your cruise begins with a ride to the Marina from your hotel. As you climb aboard the fabulous wooden boat, you will meet a professional crew and captain. Accept a light drink before dinner begins. Beautiful music will be played in English, Hindi, and Arabic. In addition to music, Tanoura dance is another attraction in a Dhow. A male performer performs this Egyptian twirling dance.

Enjoy the entertainment of a professional magician before you indulge in a fabulous buffet dinner. Dinner consists of delicious Arabic, Continental, and Asian food. The outstanding cruising experience will last for 2 hours.

While on board the cruise you will want to walk around and look at the beautiful solid wood Dhow. Go out on the deck and check out the city lights as you float by. The city view is spectacular from the waterway. You’ll enjoy watching the waves with your favorite people as you relax in the evening breeze. Be sure not to sit below in the deck the entire time because you will miss out the fabulous sights passing by.

There’s no doubt you will love your Dubai Marina Dhow cruise. In fact, celebrating an event with a loved one is a great excuse to book tickets on the next Dhow cruise. You can book an entire Dhow for an exquisite celebration.

Everything that you can arrange in a restaurant can be arranged here too. Moreover, the sights and entertainments are icing on the cake which you cannot get in any other spots.

The experienced chefs can make scrumptious delicacies, or you can order a gourmet meal from your preferred restaurants. The crew will solely work for your guests, isn’t that wonderful? It is the best way to make a party memorable for everyone.

Every year you will long for this magnificent tour experience. Think about presenting the cruise to a couple as an anniversary gift. Buy tickets and set the romantic scene for a marriage proposal. After dinner in the evening air, while the city lights are in the background, share your heart with your significant other.

Whatever be the reason for celebration, do it aboard a Dubai marina Dhow cruise and give it a unique touch.