What makes a catamaran special?

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Funky Catamaran Cruise in Dubai

The popularity of catamarans has grown among tourists over the years. A groovy catamaran cruise in Dubai is high on the list of people who want to party on the boat while sailing the beautiful seas. Are you curious about sailing on a catamaran? Check out this basic information:

What is a catamaran?

A catamaran, or “cat” for short, is a multihull vessel with sails. While traditional boats and yachts only have one hull, catamarans are balanced on two equal-sized, parallel bodies with sails situated in the middle. Depending on its size, the space between the hulls may house a cockpit, a cabin, a lounge area, and some sturdy nets which can be a good place to relax under the sun.

The specialty of a catamaran

Its size and stability make a catamaran popular. With two hulls, there is a bigger room on board allowing it to accommodate more passengers than a yacht or monohull of the same size. With two hulls, the catamaran also provides stability, which means it doesn’t keel over as much as monohulls do, keeping the boat and the passengers steady and secure.

This also makes it easy and less stressful to eat, sleep, or relax on board. Since catamarans do not need much water to sail, it can practically go to shallow places and even dock closer to shore where people can swim and snorkel.

Are catamarans safer than monohulls?

Yes, they are safer than most monohulls. Properly balanced, catamarans do not keel over minimizing slipping or tumbling accidents as well as seasickness among passengers. This makes it ideal for family gatherings with children and older people.

The stability also makes rave parties safer and more fun. Cats move faster, too. It can reach destinations or escape any oncoming storms as quickly as it possibly can. And most importantly, a well-built catamaran offers redundancy.

Two hulls mean two engines.  One engine can keep the catamaran running. Two hulls mean one damaged hull can still keep it afloat. Even if a catamaran capsizes, its watertight compartments keep it from sinking. This makes the catamaran itself a flotation device for passengers to hang on to while waiting for help to arrive.

Whenever you feel like you want to relax in the deep blue oceans of Dubai, charter a catamaran. Enjoy a fun day while cruising around the captivating structures in Dubai.