Tips to enjoy Dhow cruise in Dubai


Traveling around and exploring a new destination is one of the best things you can do in your life. For some, traveling is a dream that comes true once a year for their annual vacation while for others traveling is experienced whenever an ideal opportunity knocks on the door.

When you go to different places, you will crave for options that provide us the opportunity to dance, laugh and party. There are several places where you can get a chance to travel as well as celebrate, one such place where you can find both in Dubai.

If you ever visit Dubai, you should opt for a ride on the Dhow cruise, as it helps you revel in a magical spell while enjoying the calming and soothing ambiance. When you visit a place, the first thing that you want to do is sightseeing. The curiosity to know about the tourist spots of a new place can be accomplished without any effort if one travels onboard these popular cruises.

Before booking the cruise, you should decide what kind of places you should see in Dubai. If you are looking for the high rises and the magnificent cityscape, choose Marina. Instead, those who prefer the antique charm can prefer Creek. People looking for an affordable option should also opt Dhow cruise Creek.

The cruise takes you through the Dubai Marina, an elegant man-made canal city. You can also witness the ultramodern skyscrapers of Dubai, which are stylish and beautiful.

Dhow cruise enables you to enjoy the multiple shows, like the live Tanoura dance and magic show which can make your journey full of fun. These cruises provide their guests with the perfect opportunity to party and relax in the serene environment.

The two-hour ride on this traditional Arabian Dhow will be the highlight of your trip, as you will see the city at a time when it is glittering. These Dhows are well equipped and can organize parties and events for their guests onboard. The crew, which provides a warm and pleasant welcome, try to fulfill all the demands without compromising quality.

To provide a perfect package to their guests, the cruise organizes a mouthwatering buffet, wherein you get tasty Continental and Asian cuisines. You can enjoy your meal while listening to Arabic, Hindi, and English music. It creates a mesmerizing and romantic environment that you can enjoy with your loved ones and make everlasting memories.

If you ever want to experience this magical and enchanting journey, all you need to do is search for the best Dhow cruise Dubai Marina online. You should take care to find the most reputed company to ensure that you will have a remarkable journey in a Dhow.

Dhow cruise is a popular activity in Dubai. Book in advance so that you will get the dates as per your schedule.