Lotus Mega Yacht – The largest party yacht in Dubai


There are numerous things that lure tourists to Dubai. The emerald green waters of Dubai is on the top of the list. People from different corners of the world come here to experience the sea and the white-sand beaches, especially in the winter months.

There are a million ways to enjoy the sea. Simply lazing on any of the beaches is one of them. But the most exquisite of all the ways is to rent a Super Yacht in Dubai. There are many reasons for that. Only a yacht can take you to the deep seas. It lets you look at the magnificent cityscape of Dubai from afar, giving a whole picture of everything there is. But above all, it is about the pomp and luxury of a Super Yacht.

What makes Lotus Mega Yacht special

Though there are many yachts to choose for the cruise in Dubai, Lotus Mega yacht is special. It is the most luxurious and capacious yacht, not just in Dubai, but in the whole country. It is a 220 feet long floating mansion in the sea. 

There are only a few mega yachts in the world. Only about two hundred of them. Among these, Lotus is one of the more ostentatious. The Lotus, which is pulled by four colossal diesel engines, is about a third as long as the largest yacht in the world — Azzam — which is 590 feet long.

If you are a landlubber, then let this be the first sea journey. That too, in so much style.

Lotus Mega Yacht Brunch Cruise

The lotus yacht sails through the gulf waters on weekends offering five-star brunch parties. Brunch cruises that are affordable to all. 

The brunch cruise includes a four-hour trip on the super yacht with a sumptuous feast. The menu has all the best dishes handpicked from every cuisine replete with concierges to ensure the best taste.

Lotus yacht docks near Pier 7 restaurant in Marina.

There is no limit to what you can or how much you can eat on the trip. It offers unlimited and free-flowing soft drinks too. Also, choose what you want from live cooking counter. More than the luscious and sizzling food that’s just taken off of the stove, you can tap your feet to the choreographed movements of the chefs as they prepare the food. 

On top of everything, there is a barbecue and an assortment of sushis. Finally, conclude your streak with copious salads and desserts. Besides all the wonders on board, the food makes for a fantastic cruising time. So prepare yourself with an empty stomach to savor every bit of these delectable delicacies.

The cruise moves through the Arabian Gulf sailing around the quintessential Burj Al Arab and Atlantis the Palm on Palm Jumeirah Island. The package even gives you access to the water sports center on JBR beach. A shuttle service will take you to the water sports area if you want.

Considering what you get in the package, the brunch cruise on the yacht is a steal! Other than the regular weekly cruises, the super yacht is available for charters in Dubai on the weekdays.

Incredible amenities on the Mega Yacht

The Lotus Mega yacht has everything to keep you and your guests entertained throughout the trip. A variety of fun and leisure options on the boat makes it a mini amusement park. With five spacious decks, the yacht is as big as a three-story building. Each of these decks has numerous attractions.

On the middle deck, there is a humongous 500 sq ft 46,000-litre swimming pool with waterfall and jets. This is a good location to lay back and sunbathe. Moreover, there are six hot tubs with water jets for massaging. The pool is great for kids as well as adults to take a dip.

There is also an air-conditioned lounge for dining and relaxing on the middle deck. For those who prefer indoors, this is the place to hang out.

The sun deck has an expansive open-air lounge which can accommodate up to 200 at a time. There is a well-designed shade roof over this area which provides comfort when the sun is too hot. This lounge is perfect for hosting large buffets. 

If you want stunning views of the landmarks that pass along the boat, be sure to spend time on the sundeck. The sundeck is the ideal spot if you want a group picture.

The state of the art widescreen cinema hall with a seating capacity of 70 offers a special category for adults as well. Located on the lower deck, this is a fine addition, especially for the kids. The lighting on the walls can be adjusted to suit the mood. To add to the luxurious interior and ambiance, there is a sophisticated sound system.

The cabins are on the lower deck. There are a total of 11 cabins for privacy and to take a nap when you get a bit tired after all the enjoyment.

The hosts on this boat are excellent, elegantly dressed and well-trained. They make sure all guests are treated in the best manner. 

There is something for everyone on the yacht. This luxury boat is ideal for large gatherings. No other venue in Dubai will give you a better party experience than this luxurious boat. If you want a fantastic celebration and a bunch of happy guests who have thoroughly enjoyed, look no further than Lotus to host your party.

Tips to enjoy your time on the Mega Yacht Tour

  • It is best to be barefoot while walking on the yacht. Most yachts require you to do so. But even when you are allowed, go for a pair of soft-soled shoes. This is to avoid scuffing the surface of the boat.
  • The dress code on the yacht depends mostly on the type of the event. If its a party, wear something that suits the whole event. For regular cruises, you can wear comfortable casuals. It will be wise to bring your hat, shades, and sunscreen.
  • The yacht cruise will have a safety briefing before the journey. Listen to it carefully.
  • If you are bringing small kids with you, that’s great. The yacht has enough to keep those young ones entertained. But be sure to have an eye on them. You shouldn’t expect the crew to babysit.
  • The best time for the yacht cruise in Dubai is during the winter months, which starts from the middle of October and lasts till March. But if you want to cruise in the summer, then go for it after the sunset.