Things to know about a party on a yacht

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The cool breeze in November tells us that the holiday season is fast approaching. Don’t be caught in the mad last-minute rush. Make your plans now, and have a unique holiday party with a grand yacht charter, Dubai. A party cruise is guaranteed to amaze your guest and give you endless holiday fun while sailing the seas. Didn’t you have a party on a yacht?

We have answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about holiday party cruises in Dubai.

Are the rates for yacht rentals and hotel conference rooms similar?

Rates for yacht rentals are slightly higher than those in hotels. However, a party on a yacht is better than the usual ones held in hotels, restaurants, or clubs. Imagine the refreshing sea breeze, the soothing waves, the stunning Dubai skyline view, and the overall lively vibe of a party cruise. It’s extraordinary, which means you will never regret spending the money.

What are the inclusions in a party cruise?

An exciting party cruise includes a leisure trip around Dubai Marina on a luxury yacht, complementary refreshments, complementary fishing equipment, and an expert captain and crew.

What should I do if I want food served on board during the party?

For an additional cost, a 5-star gourmet lunch or dinner can be prepared and served on board for your delightful party. It is possible to order a meal from any of the restaurants which you prefer. You can also bring your own food at no extra cost.  You can order custom-made cakes, party decorations, disc jockey, and luxury transfers to add more fun to your party.

What should my guests wear to the party?

You and your guests can dress as per the occasion. Since the winter months are going to be colder, it is best to bring extra shawls or jackets to battle the chill while sailing the seas.

 What if the weather is not favorable during my party?

Depending on Coast Guard regulations, foul weather may cause cancellation of your party cruise. You can either get a refund or reschedule your yacht charter at a later date.

Is it safe to have a holiday party on a yacht?

Yes. Yachts are regularly maintained to be seaworthy. They are also equipped with safety equipment such as life jackets, first aid kits, and modern radio and navigation system. The captain and crew are also trained and dedicated to ensuring everyone’s safety on board.