Burj Al Arab- Visit the Most Luxurious Hotel in the UAE

Burj Al Arab

Dubai is the first city that flashes through everyone’s mind when it comes to luxury. It has everything that is related to the luxurious experiences. The mega yachts, the dazzling cityscape, stylish cars, and swanky hotels are just a few to mention.

Most of the tourists visit this magical city just to taste the extravagant life at least for a few days. There are several landmarks in this city, and Burj Al Arab is one of the most popular among them.

Have you dreamed about staying at the palaces that you read in the fairy tales? The palaces with golden pillars, flowery atriums, and red carpets. When you visit Burj Al Arab, you would feel that you are living the fairy tales. The sail-shaped building looks stunning in gleamy white surrounded by the deep blue sea and stands on a man-made island.

The golden designs and dancing fountains add to the royal appeal of the flamboyant hotel. The public cannot have the luxury of going inside the hotel to admire its extraordinary design. The entry is through a private bridge that allows only those with reservations.

Facilities at Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

The deluxe bedrooms in Burj Al Arab will give you a royal stay with scenic views of the ocean and luxurious facilities. Personal butler service, jacuzzi, iMac, remote-controlled environment, and a personalized bed are just a few among the things that can make your experience unforgettable.

The money that you pay here is worthy enough as everything that you find will be of the finest quality, and affluence is at its best. The hotel also has its own helipad, and the celebrities can land right at the hotel in style. 

Private beach access

Beach bums will have a nice time as they can spend a lot of time simply lazing on the shore or take a refreshing bath in the deep blue water. The private beach access ensures that you can frolic in the water with your loved ones to the fullest.

Personalized service

Personalized service is a special feature of Burj Al Arab. The staff will provide services as per individual preferences. Private butler service is available for guests who have sophisticated palates. There is a pillow menu from which you can choose a convenient pillow from the 17 different types.


The Michelin star chefs prepare the food at Burj Al Arab, and there are nine restaurants. While Al Mahara is popular for seafood, Al Muntaha offers scrumptious French cuisine. Mouthwatering desserts, pastries, and sandwiches are the highlights at Skyview Bar and Restaurant. All restaurants are at fascinating spots to ensure that you indulge in the best dining experience.

Unlimited access to Wild Wadi Water Park

Wild Wadi Water Park is near Burj Al Arab. The guests can enjoy complimentary access to the theme park, which is full of thrilling rides and other entertainment options. There are 30 rides to choose from, and the kids have special pools and play areas.

Its own helipad

Burj Al Arab has its own helipad. In 2005, Roger Federer and Andre Agassi played tennis on a makeshift court built at this helipad. It has also been a table tennis court in 2013 and a spot for death-defying kitesurfing.

Burj Al Arab Terrace

The Terrace is an outdoor luxury space that has a restaurant, pool, cabanas, and beach. It was built in Finland and transported to Dubai in pieces by sea.

How tall is the Burj Al Arab

Though Burj Al Arab is not the tallest hotel in the world, it is undoubtedly one among them. It stands at 321 m height and is taller than the Eiffel Tower.

Is Burj Al Arab a 7-star hotel?

The most common thing that you heard about Burj Al Arab would be ‘it is the only 7-star hotel in the world’. Sorry to disappoint you, Burj Al Arab is not a 7-star hotel. In Dubai, the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing decides the rating of hotels.

According to them, five stars is the top rating. So, 7 stars is nothing but a myth. Considering the luxurious infrastructure and service, Burj Al Arab always remains the world’s only seven-star hotel, at least in the minds of those who visited it.

Burj Al Arab afternoon tea

Well, this is the most popular item at Burj Al Arab and comparatively the most economical one too. It is a grand course of tea, juices, cakes, and desserts served at the attractive spots in the hotel so as to fill your eyes and tummy at the same time.

The afternoon tea with a view is arranged at the top floor that gives an outstanding view of Palm Jumeirah. It is at the SkyView Bar on the 27th floor of Burj Al Arab. The sumptuous 7-course afternoon tea also includes a glass of champagne while enjoying the views of the Arabian Gulf and Dubai cityscape.

Burj Al Arab afternoon tea timing

First seating, 13:00 – 15:00 and 13:15 – 15:15
Second seating, 16:00 – 18:00 to 16:15 – 18:15 


AED 635 per person

Where can you have unobstructed views of Burj Al Arab

Though the entry to the luxury hotel is restricted, there are many ways to gaze upon this architectural masterpiece. Head to Jumeirah Beach to capture a picture in the backdrop of Burj Al Arab. Sunset is the best time wherein the tower looks amazing in the sky, and the ocean painted in red and orange hues.

Another exciting option is to go on a yacht. It will take you near Burj Al Arab and offer some splendid photo stops. The magnificence of Burj Arab doubles when looked from the ocean. Charter a yacht in Dubai to see Burj Al Arab at close quarters. Jumeirah Beach Hotel’s rooftop bar is also an outstanding vantage point.