Relax this New Year 2015

After all the big and wild celebrations during the Christmas and New Year holidays, you deserve a much-needed break from all the partying. In Dubai, there is one way we know how.

Hire a yacht in Dubai, and sail out into the seas by yourself, your loved one, or a chosen few of your dearest friends and family. For at least two hours, you can enjoy a truly relaxing and no frills cruise out in the tranquil blue seas on an exclusive yacht charter Dubai.

Sit back on our cozy lounge as you watch your favorite movies or listen to relaxing music with our top-of-the-line home theater and music system. Get some shut-eye in our comfortable bedrooms while the yacht gently rocks you across the waves. Laze back on the sundeck and enjoy the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. Stand like a true sailor on the fly bridge and marvel at breathtaking views of the Dubai skyline that include the awe-inspiring Burj Al Arab and the magnificent Atlantis The Palm.

For fishing enthusiasts, you have at least four hours of pure relaxing fun while going deep sea fishing in Dubai. From the Dubai shores, your yacht or fishing boat takes you farther out to see where schools and schools of fresh and healthy king fish, queen fish, tuna, groupers and more fishes abound.

Dubai yacht charter services already offer complimentary fishing equipment onboard for you to use. So leave your worries behind as you throw your line out and simply wait for the fishes to bite. Early morning and late afternoon are the best times for fishing as the fishes love to swim near the surface when the water is cold.

If you are a first timer, our expert captain and crew are more than ready and eager to assist you. Listen to their “tackle talk” where they offer fishing tips and tricks as well as fun stories of their own fishing adventures.

Relax and take it easy after the holidays on a yacht with us.

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