Use Experienced Party Planners for Water Excursion

When you want the best entertainment experience without breaking the budget, then you need to look at the experienced party planners that operate in a unique environment. The dhow cruise is an ideal combination of modern day cuisine and traditional transportation enjoyed by the Bedouins from years past. Every guest is treated as if they are royalty to ensure a pleasant experience that they will want to tell their family and friends about and repeat the visit.

Customers can make reservations for a small party to dine on a five-star buffet and join other guests in watching the city lights dance on the water while professional dancers entertain from within. If you are looking for something more personal on a larger scale, then rent the entire dhow cruise for your needs and find out how the vendor can help you create the event of a lifetime.

Guests will leave from the Marina to board the dhow and for the next two hours they will not have to worry about any of their cares or responsibilities, as they glide on the smooth water and take advantage of the amenities on board.

It can be designed towards family friendly reunions and special events or make it more professional for an office party or business gathering. The best deals are sometimes made away from the office when everyone is relaxed and having a good time. This is a great way to show off Dubai to visitors and open them up to the Eastern culture through music and hospitality.

Go online today to find a dhow cruise Marina and work with the experienced party planners that understand you want something different than just the normal dinner on land. Try out the dhow dinner cruise from the Marina and see for yourself how much fun you can have with an expert captain at the help and a wait staff that work hard to cater to everyone’s needs. The perfect blend of luxurious surroundings, delicious food and delightful entertainment is exactly what you need for a break during the week or as the highlight stop during your vacation.