Ladies Nights on a Yacht

Ladies are quite privileged and valued here in the region. They get an exclusive seating area in the Metro trains, buses, and other public transportation facilities. They have a day dedicated solely for them at the beaches. Aside from free entrance to the city’s bustling bars and clubs, they also get a night where they can enjoy free drinks.

We all know girls just want to have fun, so take ladies outings to a whole new level by having it on a yacht. Gather your best girl buddies and have a truly exclusive party as you sail the sparkling seas of Dubai onboard these magnificent vessels. Ladies can have a day out swimming, snorkeling, and fishing as they cruise in Dubai. They can also move and groove the night away with an all-ladies yacht party.

Yacht charters in Dubai are complete with modern amenities that make ladies’ yacht parties fun and memorable. A state-of-the-art home theater system allows you to enjoy your favorite movies or have some video-karaoke singing sessions. A music system that can accommodate CDs and MP3 players is also available to give you endless dance tunes to groove to. If you want to raise the stakes, you can also hire a party DJ to dish out raving party tunes for you all day or all night.

Depending on the size of the yacht, ladies can party on a spacious lounge, a sprawling sun deck, a comfortable sitting area, or on the open-air fly bridge situated at the top of the yacht. On a catamaran, there is more room with its sprawling upper and lower decks. In addition, you get the wonderful spectacle of the tall and delightful sails billowing about in the winds.

To spice up your party, you can also request for additional services onboard like five star gourmet catering, party decorations for a truly merry vibe, custom-made cakes for special celebrations, and many more. Let your party cruise company know the kind of ladies’ party that you have in mind, and they will gladly take care of it all for you.

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