Best Two Things To Do In Dubai

For the people looking for adventure and fun at the same time, Dubai is the most happening place. Several tourists come to Dubai for spending their vacation and experience some adventure. It is also an ideal place for shopping as the tourists can find the apparels of all the brands in Dubai Mall. Dubai is also home to world’s tallest tower and an indoor theme park. There are also several man-made islands in Dubai and many seven- star hotels and pubs. There many tourist attractions, where tourists can know about the culture and traditions of Dubai. It has rich traditions and the tourists will be delighted to know about them.

Party Cruise, Things to do

There are several things to do in Dubai. The most common and interesting thing is desert safari, which is a unique experience for the tourists. While in Dubai, the tourists can also experience the luxury life in the yachts by renting them for a couple of days. There are various yacht rental Dubai companies that give the yachts for rent to the tourists. To spend some quality time with families and friends, it is a good option to rent yachts and sail on Dubai seas. There are several kinds of yachts that can be chosen according to the budget, needs and convenience. There are normal yachts for spending some time with the loved ones. There are also premium yachts that are costly and offer luxurious interiors to the tourists. The tourists can find luxurious upholstery along with premium cushions in the yachts.
For the tourists looking to celebrate birthday parties, anniversaries or a small get- together, the yacht is a perfect choice, where they can get all the facilities. The yachts offer a kitchen, a swimming pool, washroom, a bar and a personal help. The yachts are also a great option for a business meeting as it is very calm in the yachts sailing in the sea. The tourists can enjoy the party on the open deck of yachts under the open sky. It is a unique experience for all the tourists visiting Dubai.

Dhow Cruise

The tourists have various options for spending their vacation in Dubai. Another interesting thing people can do is having a ride in Dhow cruise. There are two options to sail on Dhow Cruise. One is Dubai marina and the other is Dubai Creek. Both give a unique experience with the Dhow cruise in Dubai marina being expensive. However, the tourists get all the amenities on Dhow cruise that sails on Dubai Marina. The Dhow cruise offers a lot of entertainment options to the tourists. There are several dancers who perform the traditional dance on Dhow. The guests can also experience the live band of musical instruments.


Dhow cruise Dubai marina is also popular for its variety of cuisines. The tourists can experience Arabian cuisine with the music playing in the background. The sunset cruise is also very popular as the tourists enjoy staying on the cruise during the sunset. It is a unique experience to watch the sunset on Dhow cruise. The tourists can also enjoy the dinner with their loved ones on the upper deck on Dhow cruise under the sky. The tourists can have a great view of some of the best hotels in Dubai seas like Palm Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah and much more.

Dubai has many other things to offer to tourists. They can also experience fishing in Dubai with the best fishing companies. The fishing equipment can be attached to the yachts if the tourists have to go very far away from the shore. These are the things that make the trip to Dubai memorable.