Getting The Best From Your Dhow Cruise in Dubai

The attraction of the city of Dubai for years has not only been the shopping malls, skyscrapers and desert safaris.

It is fast becoming one of the best destinations to relax for everyone either as an individual or as a family.

While some of the activities you can choose to do in this amazing location are all fun, have you ever thought of taking a dhow cruise? That evening and relaxing sail through the Creek is something most holiday makers would die for.

Contrary to what most of us tend to think, dhows are not necessarily old. Here are ways on how you can get the best from your dhow cruise.


Just like a bus, missing your cruise after you have already booked is one of the worst things that can happen to you. Since you will have to move to the location of the dhow which is probably a Marina or Creek, you might want to make sure you get the cruise time schedules right. Evenings, however, are one of the best times to go on a dhow cruise. Watching the sunset from a dhow in the vast open Creek is something that will make you want to go for these cruises over and over.

Sitting options

Most dhows come fully equipped with floor settings that can accommodate a good number of people at a go. The table arrangements can, however, be different in such a way that you can have a table for two arranged on the upper deck just for you and your loved one for that romantic and uninterrupted cruise.

Refreshment and activities

Most dhows in Dubai come with complementary food and drinks.

However, it will make a lot of sense if you would have something more specific to find out if it is possible for the provider to make that happen for you. Apart from finding a great spot on the dhow and taking your favorite drink, you can also get the best from your cruise by taking part in a number of activities offered on board. It could be anything from karaoke to dancing and others. To sum it up, if you know what you want and what to look for in a dhow, there is no way you will go wrong with the choice you make. A dhow cruise is one of the best ways to enjoy time with your loved ones in Dubai.