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Additional Party Options on Our Yachts

Partying on a yacht is a one-of-a-kind experience. This is one party that you don’t want to miss out on. Your party guests will love every moment of sailing and having a blast in the azure waters of the Dubai Sea. While your party yacht is cruising on, your guests will find the view of the iconic Dubai landmarks from the sea simply captivating. In addition to our standard services, we also offer five-star gourmet buffet, party decorations, luxury transportation, and rocking disc jockey (DJ) onboard for an extra cost. Give your guests a party that will last a lifetime. Try out the following popular party options with us. If you have something else, let us know. The “sea” is the limit!



Though light refreshments are served aboard, it may not be good enough for a special occasion. Just tell us what your guests want and we would get gourmet food catered for them and make the experience a finger licking one. The menu can be from anywhere, be it Italian, French, Arabic or typical ethnic Asian, we would get it spread for your guests.


Arrive for your special day in style. Or order us to fetch your special guest in a regal transport like a stretch limousine and impress her with its elegance. Though pick and drop facility is free, these are on sharable basis on our company vehicle. However, some occasions are for indulgence and we would pamper you and your guests with royal class cars with chauffer.


Some occasions need special hostesses, especially if gathering is slightly big and special care is required. We would send a team of well trained and experienced hostesses who would make each guest feel at home. They know that your happiness is the most important part of their job and you and your guests would experience the same throughout the trip.


Decorations can dramatically set the mood and tone of an event.  It is worth spending time on selecting and co-ordinating your décor. Not only that, if you wish, the decorations could be made specific to a corporate product launch also. If you have romance in your mind, our expert decorators would change the entire setting of the yacht to set the mood. You do the imagination, we would set the mood.


No event is complete without a cake. And, if you have a celebration on board where cake is a must, just tell us. For us, to get you the yummiest cake is just “piece of cake”.  Ask us to get you any size, shape and topping of the cake and we would get it baked for you.
Disc Jockey (DJ)

Disc Jockey (DJ):

 though we have professional music system aboard, you may want a bit more groovy stuff. A DJ on board makes it more exciting and foot tapping. Let us know in advance and we would get the party racy with some of the most awesome numbers playing in town.

Our yachts come in different sizes and shapes. Depending on the guest capacity, choose the yacht that fits your party best. Do go for the yachts or catamaran according to guest list, and create the best party plan by checking out the details below:

  • 33 ft Fishing Boats – Accommodates 8 Persons
  • 37 ft Yacht – Accommodates 10 Persons
  • 42 ft Yacht – Accommodates 14 Persons
  • 45 ft Yacht – Accommodates 18 Persons
  • 50 ft Yacht – Accommodates 18 Persons
  • 55 ft Yacht – Accommodates 22 Persons
  • 70 ft Yacht – Accommodates 28 Persons
  • 85 ft Yacht – Accommodates 37 Persons
  • Catamaran – Accommodates 4047, and 70 persons

We arrange customized cruises according to your requirements and preferences.

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